Solid flooring or multi-layer parquet

Solid flooring  :     Advantages

  •  All forms and dimensions possible
  •  Get's more beautiful with ages
  •  Low cost repair
  •  All finishes : grey, hand-scraped,old finished,...
  •  Support beams can be far removed


  •  more expensive
  •  a bit less stability , however more elastic , don't break in low moisture conditions 
  •  a lot of work to install 

Multi-layer parquet :  Advantages

  •  cheaper , pay attention large quality variation
  •  less time to install
  •  good stability but problems in low moisture conditions


  •  Risk to break in low moisture conditions
  •  Not so hard in use, to soft under-layer
  •  Difficult and expensive repair in time
  •  Reduced possibilities in forms and sizes
  •  Synthetic look after several years